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Ms Audrey Flowers
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Hello! Warm greeting and welcome to the United Kingdom area based home page Equina Wellness™ - the renowned company from across the sea!

As your personal agent-distributor in the UK, this will allow you to have the availability of these fine products without having to concern yourself with the time and expense of shipping from the United States.

I bring to you over 30 years of excellent customer service and support skills. My goal is to provide specialized and excellent personal consideration to allow products to be accessible here in the UK (Britain, Wales, Ireland, Scotland) and any other country that these products are permitted for importation.

We invite individuals, Shoppes, health care providers, healers, are welcome to benefit from our horse products!

We are proud of our many years of service, tradition, reliability and strength. I am committed to bringing you optimal service, value and sincere effort to ensure that your requirements will be accommodated.

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    Equinabine is formulated from the funtumia elastica plant. The bark of this African tree is also used in our popular respiratory product for human beings, Ajebine.

    Among funtumia elastica’s scientifically proven health benefits:

    • Antioxidant, to reduce inflammation-causing molecules in the body
    • Antifungal, to inhibit mold particles that commonly cause allergies COPD
    • Immune-modulating, to decrease the over-reactive immune response to allergens
    • Anti-inflammatory compounds, to protect the lungs from the harmful effects of inflammation
    • Equinabine is 100% natural, free from heavy metal contamination, and completely safe.

    Please read our informative article on respiratory conditions in horses.



My representation of the company has a USA online store for you to view, which will provide the list and description of offerings.

www.equinawellness.com - Equina Wellness Home page.

If you are viewing this site and would like to have an order, Please do NOT order from the USA site, as all international orders for the UK (etc) are arranged by me personally for the UK area. All financial details shall be arranged for UK orders through me to insure easier transactions. Prices will vary a bit due to the fees of overseas shipping and duty (customs), however this will also save you from your own personal expense of duty and international shipping.

Please ring in the evenings between 6-9 p.m. or at weekend. If I am out please be certain to leave a message! I look forward to assisting you! I am honored to supply you from this side of the world and assist you in your health and benefits that that these products may allow.


UK Contact:
Ms Audrey Flowers
Tel: 01869 247620


Wishing you health!

Ms Audrey Flowers